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About Art to Grow On


Our principal message is that children’s art cannot be taught.  It is already there!  It can only be liberated and nurtured.  Adults can best be instrumental in encouraging the creative development of children by being open to what students express and create, by providing an atmosphere of emotional safety where children feel free to express their personal vision and by acknowledging and respecting creative behavior.  The art experience should stimulate their motivation to learn to make choices, to be flexible and to adapt.  Through motivation, the child will discover.  By encouragement, the child will express.

The philosophy of Art to Grow On is to inspire creative and mental growth through meaningful art experiences in a non-judgmental environment.  Consider everything an experience.  Nothing is a mistake.  There’s no win or fail.  There’s only make.

Through our art experiences, children learn.  Art to Grow On is designed to promote individual expression by providing the opportunity, materials and process for the children to create their own solutions and conclusions.  It is our belief that if we don’t continue to nurture the creative talent of our children, we won’t have our artists in the future.