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Projects 2008/2009

Through the looking Glass - Presented by Marieanne Coble
 Students will be asked to imagine that they have shrunk to the size of an insect, enabling them to paint a picture of what they see in a garden, from the inside out.  Students willl learn a painting method called Pointillism and will paint on textured canvas paper using tempera paint, oil pastels, and gold ink.  This prokect is inspired by artists Gearge seurat's development of pointillism and gustave lkimts example of landscape prints.
Hands of Rodin - Presented by Birgrit Snodgrass
 Students will feel the medium of fast drying plaster on their own hand, by creating a replica of it to include a bird or the whole workd in their hand.  Upon drying, they will paint their dried cast with vibrant acrylic paint.  this art project is inspired bt local artist Li Kung.
Artist Medals - Presented by Elizabeth Gaydowski
Students will honor themselves by creating a medal inscribed with their first initial, using tag board, metal repair tape and black acrylic paint.  this art project is ispired by the famous medalit, Pisanello.
Amate Heritage - presented by Birgrit Snodgrass
Students will explore their own family heritage and create a primitive painting using bark paper, permanent markers and assorted colored pastels and pencils.   This art project is inspired by the mexican muralist, Diego Rivera.
Cool Cats - presented by Michelle Solley
Students will create a "cool cats" painting using the mixed mediums of watercolor and acrylic paints.  This art project is inspired bt the designs of the California artist, Laurel Burch.