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Projects 2012/2013

Red Poppies - By Vickie Sekits
Based on Expressionism art, students become familiar with the work of German born painter Emil Nolde and use watercolors as a painting medium.

Rainforest Birds - By Sarma Kreismanis
 Students use tertiary colors to create rainforest birds, inspired but the work of Hunt Slonem.

American Campfire - By Jake Tedesco
 Students learn various brush techniques while painting a classic nighttime landscape and exploring the use of multiple light sources.

A Day in the Not So Still Life of Picasso - By Erika Snow
 Using different perspectives of the same still life, students will create their own conception of a Cubist still life in the style of Picasso.  Focus is on Cubism, color palettes, and perspective.  Uses pastels.

Myth and Mystery - By Marianne Coble
Using acrylic paint and oil pastels, students learn a new way of applying paint and drawing in a primitive manner.