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Projects 2013/2014

Poetry of Iron - By Carrie Powers

Students are inspired by large iron sculptures of Julio Gonzalez and create their own 3D masterpieces using wire, foil, acrylic paint, and clay.

Proud as a Peacock - By Lee-Jin Lin

 Inspired by the famous Peacock Room in New York, students use oil pastels on sandpaper to create a detailed picture of a peacock. 

Between the Pages - By Marianne Coble

Books come alive by creating 3D images of clay that leap from the pages of recycled books

Owls in the Neighborhood - By Kaye Furlong

Using one template to begin, students learn step by step how to sketch and finalize a detailed owl in the style of John J. Audubon.

Scottish Night by Hannah Frank - By Penny Richards 

Students create sketches based on works by Hannah Frank. After completing a sketch, students transfer drawings to a scratchboard. Focusing on integrating sources of light, the finished work depicts a nighttime scene.