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Projects 2014/2015

World of Sand - By Carrie Powers  
 The intricate sand castles of Damon Farmer provide inspiration for students who create mini-sand sculptures utilizing clay bases and a mix of sand and mod-podge as an upper layer.

Tumbling Tiles - By Penny Richards 

Inspired by tile motifs and patterns in Arabic art, students trace four “tiles” on paper squares.  Oil pastels are used to create rich patterns that interlock when “tiles” are mounted on card stock.

Starry SoCal - By Stephanie Kohler    

Based on Van Gogh’s famous work, Starry Night, students create night scenes using acrylic paints and oil pastels.  Local landmarks are referenced to create familiar scenes under a night sky.

Gorilla Portraits - By Jake Tedesco      

Students learn step-by-step how to sketch a detailed close-up of a lowland gorilla using simple paper and art pencil.  This serves as an opportunity to discuss conservation of endangered species.

I Am - By Gina Cervi-Roche 

Focusing inward, students sketch self-portraits, finishing with oil pastels.  Self descriptions that finish the phrase “I am…” Border the portrait to create a positive statement of self expression.