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Projects 2015-2016

Maritime Romanticism

 By Jake Tadesco

Inspired by the Tomantic era's Ivan Aivazovsky, considered the best maritime painter of all time. Students use prisma color pencil as the primary medium and introduce watercolor for emphasis. This project is designed to inspire our young artists with an image of a tall ships.

Golden Icons

 By Lee-Jean Lin

Students will larn about Egyptian Hieroglyphics, their history, the process involving low-relief sculputre and will create their own sculptures using modeling clay on tiles which are then brushed with gold paint for an antique look.

Valen-Dines Heart

 By Lee-Jean Lin

Students will learn about Americal Pop Art, especially Jim Dine's 'Heart' seris. They will create their own mono print of the heart using markers to draw a heart on a transparency and then transfer that ehart from the transparency to a wet piece of paper.

Shinto Scrolls 

By Melissa Mercer

This project will enable students to discover some of the Unique aspects and customs of the Chinese and Japanese cultures through a hands on art activity. stucents will xpand their awarenss of the Asian culture by applying specific art approaches and techniques.

Picasso's View

By Marianne Coble
Learn about the late works of Picasso and his Dove series. Painting a window view in the style of Picasso with quick brush strokes, saturated color and bold line work.