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Projects 2016-2017

Blossoming in Edo - By Rosine Sorbom

Inspired by Japanese Plum Blossoms as rendered by the artists of the Edo period. The children will explore the area and serenity of Jamanese Plum blossoms in the Edo period. Using ink, paint and paper as the medium asa eh paintings, schools and decorative clothing as the motivation. 

American Impressionism - By Rosine Sorbom

Inspired by American Impressionist W. Metcalf's "The Poppy Garden." The goal of this project is to allow the child to explore the art of American Impressionism using acrylic paint as the medium and Metcalf's work and inspiration. 

Styrofoam Abstract Painting - By Gloria Feldman

An abstract design is used in a print making format to create a multiple venue for prints.

Reflections of Nature - By Kaye Furlong

The art of watercolor landscape "atmospheric style". this project will introduce students to basic watercolor techniques and compositional elements of landscape painting, while demonstrating a new technique for depicting reflections in water. 

Faces of Primitivism - By Stephanie Kohler  

Students create their own mask in an abstract style utilizing line, shape, pattern and color while experimenting with oil pastels and baby oil on Tyvek paper.