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Projects 2017-2018

Paintbrush! Paintbrush! Does Your House Have Lions - By Sue Berliner

Students will learn the anatomy and proper use of a paintbrush, view artwork by Hagop Najarian, and create musically influenced works while listening to the song "Bye Bye Blackbird". Medium is tempura and mixed media paper. 

La Tour Eiffel - By Stephanie Kohler

Students learn about the Eiffel Tower and it's builder Alexander Gustave Eiffel. They learn to draw the Eiffel Tower, explore watercolor techniques, and learn to lift color using tissue. Medium is watercolor, oil pencil, and salt on watercolor paper. 

Peruvian Weaving Fiber Art - By Mindy Kirton

Students create a suncatcher from a CD and colored yarn by weaving a pattern. They learn about fiber arts, particularly in the Peruvian Andes region, and the importance of the art form in their culture, identity and communication. 

Misty Mountain Morning - By Kaye Furlong

Students create a seascape with chalk pastels and an eraser following the work of impressionist masters Monet and Degas. Media is chalk pastel on media paper.

Abstract Artistree - By Stephanie Kohler  

Students will learn about artist Piet Mondrian and his progression from realism to abstract art using trees as his motivation. Media is oil pastels and black tempura on masa paper.