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Projects Past

2003 – 2004  “Ancient Treasures

Pre-Columbian Animal Vessels                          Clay animals shaped in drinking cups                             Annemarie Rawlinson

Babylonian Seals                                                 Soap print on clay                                                              Mary DeHaven

Ancient Art of Mosaic                                          Linoleum sticky squares/glue/sand                                  Tandra Johnson

Aboriginality                                                         Roofing paper/dot of paint                                                DeLayne Harthorn

Big Fat Greek Vase                                               Crayon/oil pastel scratch through                                   Melinda Moore


2004 – 2005  America the Beautiful

Ceramic Houses                                                  Painted clay houses of our country                                 Pat Hinz

Amer. Impressionism                                          Painting                                                                           Rosine Sorbom

Mobius Max                                                        Screen and concrete base sculpture                               Melinda Moore

Liberty Prints                                                      Ink Statue of Liberty                                                        Marianne Coble

Colors of Snow and trees                                   Watercolor/salt/mastoid                                                   Birgit Snodgras


2005 – 2006  Colors of Art

Wolf Kahn Pastel                                                Chalk pastel landscapes                                                 Jennifer Till

Modigliani                                                          Self-portrait using oil pastels                                           Marianne Coble

Paint By Numbers                                               Explore favorite numbers using oil pastels                     Freddie Benson

Surreal Meal                                                       3D construction of a meal on a tray                                Marianne Coble

Kaleidoscope                                                      3D kaleidoscope                                                             Karen Pester

 2006 – 2007  Art Travels the Globe

Drama Mask of Bali                                           Molding clay                                                                     Marianne Coble

Tinga Tinga Peacock                                        Acrylic on muslin                                                              Birgit Snodgras

Surfin’ USA                                                       3D surfboards                                                                    Freddie Benson

Blossoming In Edo                                            Ink, straws, paint                                                               Birgit Snodgras

Venia’s Stories                                                 Drawing techniques                                                           Rosine Sorbom


2007 – 2008  Art Matters

Tin Tiles                                                              Metal tooling                                                                     Heather Hovard

Shaping Nature                                                  Vellum & markers                                                             Michelle Solley

Grandma Moses                                                Canvas Board & Tempura                                                 Maureen Gill

Tuscan Landscape                                            Chipboard & Paint                                                             Michelle Solley

Impressionistic Monet                                       Illustration board & paint                                                  Rosine Sorbom


2008 – 2009  All about the artist

Through the Looking Glass                               Canvas and tempura paints                                              Marianne Coble

Hands of Rodin                                                  Cast plaster of a hand                                                      Birgit Snodgras

Artist’s Medals                                                   Tag board, repair Tape and acrylic paint                         Elizabeth Gaydowski

Amate Heritage                                                  Bark paper and permanent markers                                Brigit Snodgras

Cool Cats                                                          Watercolor and acrylic paints                                           Michelle Solley