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Projects Past

Tiki Totems cork, markers, feathers Caroline Beghin-Kircher Using cork, paint pens and feathers, students will create a 3-D project of painted “animal spirits” of Northwest Indian children.
Color Patchwork construction paper, tempura Art Trek Using construction paper and tempera paints, students will create a 2-D project that teaches color mixing (secondary/tertiary) and high/low values of color.
Image My Blue Dog canvas board acrylic Elizabeth Gaydowski Using canvas board and acrylic paints, students will create a 2-D project that teaches color mixing.
Koi Fish Painting silk fabric, dye, gutta resist Brigit Snodgrass Using silk fabric, silk paint and gutta resist, students will create a 2-D project that teaches how to paint on silk, which is a new medium to most students.
Shades and Shadows construction paper, oil pastels Art Trek Using construction paper, oil pastels and pencils, students will create a 2-D project that teaches how to shade, which adds depth and perspective giving the illusion of 3-D.
2008-2009 All About the Artist
Image Through the Looking Glass Canvas and tempura paints Marianne Coble Students will be asked to imagine that they have shrunk to the size of an insect, enabling them to paint a picture of what they see in a garden, from the inside out. Students will learn a painting method called Pointillism and will paint on textured canvas paper using tempera paint, oil pastels, and gold ink. This project is inspired by artists George Seurat's development of pointillism and Gustave lkimts example of landscape prints.
Hands of Rodin Cast plaster of a hand Birgit Snodgrass Students will feel the medium of fast drying plaster on their own hand, by creating a replica of it to include a bird or the whole worked in their hand. Upon drying, they will paint their dried cast with vibrant acrylic paint. this art project is inspired bt local artist Li Kung. 
Image Artist's medals Tag board, repair tape and acrylic paint Elizabeth Gaydowski Students will honor themselves by creating a medal inscribed with their first initial, using tag board, metal repair tape and black acrylic paint. this art project is inspired by the famous medalist, Pisanello. 
Amate Heritage Bark paper and permanent markers Brigit Snodgras Students will explore their own family heritage and create a primitive painting using bark paper, permanent markers and assorted colored pastels and pencils. This art project is inspired by the Mexican muralist, Diego Rivera. 
Cool Cats Watercolor and acrylic paints Michelle Solley Students will create a "cool cats" painting using the mixed mediums of watercolor and acrylic paints. This art project is inspired by the designs of the California artist, Laurel Burch. 
2007-2008 Art Matters
Image Tin Tiles Card and tinfoil Heather Hovard Students learn the Mexican art form of metal tooling.
Image Shaping Nature Vellum and markers Michelle Solley Students learn about Frank Lloyd Wright designs and create their own window designs
Image Grandma Moses Canvas board and tempura Maureen Gill
Image Tuscan Landscape Chipboard and paint Michelle Solley
Image Impressionistic Monet Illustration board and paint Rosine Sorbom
2006-2007 Art Travels the Globe
Image Drama Mask of Bali Molding clay Marianne Coble
Image Tinga Tinga Peacock Acrylic on muslin Birgit Snodgrass
Image Surfin' USA 3D Surfboards in cardboard Freddie Benson
Image Blossoming in Edo Ink, straws, paint Birgit Snodgrass
Image Venia's Stories Drawing techniques Rosine Sorbom
2005-2006 Colors of Art
Image Wolf Kahn Pastel Chalk pastel landscapes Jennifer Till
Image Modigliani Self-portrait using oil pastels Marianne Coble
Image Paint by Numbers Explore numbers with oil pastels Freddie Benson
Image Surreal Meal 3d Construction of a meal on a tray Marianne Coble
Image Kaleidoscope 3D kaleidoscope Karen Pester
2004-2005 America the Beautiful
Ceramic Houses Painted clay Pat Hinz
Image American Impressionism Painting in acrylic Rosine Sorbom
Mobius Max Screen and concrete base sculpture Melinda Moore
Liberty Prints Ink statue of liberty Marianne Coble
Colors of Snow and Trees watercolor, salt, mastoid Birgit Snodgrass
2003-2004 Ancient Treasures
Pre-Columbian Animal Vessels Clay animals shaped in drinking cups Annemarie Rawlinsson
Babylonian Seals Soap print on clay Mary DeHaven

Ancient Art of Mosiac Linoleum sticky squares, glue, sand Tandra Johnson

Aboriginality Roofing paper, paint DeLayne Harthorn
Image Big Fat Greek Vase Crayon/oil pastel scratch through Melinda Moore
Image Heads Up Clay Pat Hinz
1999-2000 I Am an Artist
Image Being Human colored pencil on paper John VanDenEyke
Image Stay in Touch wood block, poly foam, markers Sabine Birkenfield
Image Feel Your Way Paraffin wax candle, tempura and shampoo, oil pastel Zen Del Rio
Image That’s the Way I See It picture collage and watercolor Nina Laddon
1998-1999 Art From Many Lands
Image Pictograph Bookmarks watercolor Melinda Moore
Image Ceremonial Rattles pipe cleaner, colored raffia Donna Van Tolsma
Image Ink Painting on Rice Paper Ink, rice paper Joan Kenney
Image Southwestern Pottery markers, watercolor Cris Peacock
1997-1998 Art Forms in Nature
Image Expressions in Stained Glass acetate and paint Brigit Snodgrass
Image Shapes in Nature watercolor Joan Kenney
Image Abstract Heads paper, markers Carl Swallow
Image Butterfly Tapestry marker/crayon on paper Jennifer Mak
1996-1997 A Brush with the Past
Image Middle Age Shields tinfoil, cardboard, marker Linda Simisko
Water lilies acrylic on paper Jenny Nazarian
Image Egyptian Mini Murals tile and colored pencil Sabine Birkenfeld
Image Dream Catchers marker on paper Annemarie Rawlinson
Image Masks Brown paper bag, paint, feathers Sharon Gaddis Wheeler
Image Textile Texture oil pastel and ink Joan Kenney

Still Life Matisse Style pastel on paper Cris Peacock
Image Kinetic Graphics colored paper, marker Sabine Birkenfeld
image Sun Prints Styrofoam and marker Penelope Greeven After coloring in a circle with random markers you cut out the shape of a sun from the Styrofoam and create a black print of a sun as an overlay.  
Image Building in the Style of Gaudi Clay, tiles and found objects Annemarie Rawlinson Students build a sculpture out of clay and decorate it with colored tiles and other found objects.   
Image Split Image printed image and watercolor Debbie Kiggins Students will take an image and cut it in half and then paint in the section in the middle to match.  
image Self Portraits Tempura Penelope Greeven/Kevin Doherty
1993-1994 Playing with the Possibilities
image Possibilities in Architecture fine line ink pen, colored markers, card Joan Kenney In this project the children will explore the fundamental concepts of architecture. Using graphic design and drafting tools, they will design their own colorful tw0-sided die cut cards, then assemble them into various shapes and three dimensional structures by interlocking the cards.   
image Kid's Quilts fabric and glue on cards Shannon Dorsey This project begins with a lesson in the origin and history of quilting. Then, using colorful triangular shaped pieces of fabric, the children will design and assemble their own "quilt" by pasting the triangles in patterns onto a cardboard backing.
image Cave Paintings oil pastel, charcoal, sand paper Lulu Brenault This project takes the children back in time to the era when the world's first oil paintings were created. Using charcoal and oil pastels the children will create animal compositions on sheets of sandpaper to bring alive their own version of ancient history.
image City Scapes chalk pastel, tape, paper Sally Palm This final project will expand the children's understanding of perspective and three dimensional drawing.   
1992-1993 Creating Our Future
image Spacescapes chalk on black paper Jackie McBride-Nance
image Vasarely Folded Papers colored construction paper
image Portrait of a Martian marker on paper mounted on black paper John VanDenEykel
image Futuristic Flying Machines found objects sculpture Joan Kenney
1991-1992 Art for Earth's Sake
image Monet's Garden tempura on paper Julia Tedesco
image Earth Medallions painted clay Janet Carnay
The Palos Verdes Coastline Brian Ibaan
Wild Animals oil pastel and watercolor Penelope Greeven/Kevin Doherty
image Louise Nevelson Assemblages cardboard and found object 3D relief Cheryl Holz
1990-1991 Growing in Creativity
image Egyptian Mini Murals
image Matisse Self Portraits paint on paper Penelope Greeven/Kevin Doherty
image Georgia O'Keefe Watercolors watercolors
Poly Styrene Prints poly styrene foam and paint Jacquelyn de Graaf
1989-1990 The World of Imagination
image Picasso Masks pastels and paper, black paper mount Carl Swallow
image A Magical World magazine cutouts and paint Harlan Baker
image Japanese Ink painting ink washes Joan Kenney
My Peculiar Pal 3D Sculpture Janet Carnay