Projects 2018-2019

Pollock's Passion - By Robin Sarner

Students will learn about abstract artist and American painter Jackson Pollock and his style of drip painting. Media is white tissue paper mounted on black construction paper and acrylic paint. 

California Sequoias: Giants of the Earth - By Lee-Jean Lin

Inspired by the California giant sequoia trees students will learn about three-point perspective and vanishing points while they paint a forest of these majestic trees. Media is acrylic, watercolor and media paper.

Forms in Movement: Abstract Sculpture - By Lee-Jean Lin

This project incorporates wire, nylon and a base to create a free-form flowing sculpture based on the works of female sculpture artist Barbara Hepworth. 

Golden Fish - By Rolandas Dabrukas

Students will learn how to draw a fancy goldfish and decorate with shapes and colors. Media is colored pencils on black drawing paper. 

Flower Power - By Robin Sarner 

Using ripped colored tissue paper, glue and paint students will create bright and vibrant flower pictures. Based on the work of Georgia O'Keefe.