Art To Grow On has been a staple of the elementary school experience in San Pedro, Lomita and Harbor City for over 30 years. Unfortulately, the disruption of Covid, over two years of no in-class time or volunteer access in the classroom, and another year of failed restructuring have left the program without the volunteer support needed to bring new projects into the classroom. 

If you have any interest in helping to restart this amazing program in the San Pedro and Harbor City area please contact us at program@arttogrowon.com

We have a permanent collection of projects that you can do at home,
you can try them out here: 

Information on our program

Interested Artists: We rely on our community artists to share their expertise and kid friendly projects. If you are interested in submitting a project for selection please contact us!  We hold our selection every other year in odd years. Feel free to peruse the past projects pages.  We generally do not consider projects highly similar to those of the past five years.  If you have further questions visit our Artist information page or email us at program@ArtToGrowOn.com

School Chairpersons: 

Your service is invaluable! Our board meetings are held once a month during the school year Sept - May at the United Methodist Church in San Pedro at 9am on the second Thursday of the month. The brochure above has the information or visit the Docent Information page for more info. In addition each school needs to sign and return a Letter of Understanding for each year as well as a check to reserve seats for their school in the project Workshops. Each docent seat for our workshops is $40/each and can be paid by the school, parent organization, or individual.


Welcome and thank you for volunteering in the Art to Grow On program! Check out the Docent Information page for more information on the program or download this year's brochure from above. I contains a list of projects and training dates.  If you are interested in becoming a docent in our program please contact your school. We also invite you to attend our volunteer appreciation luncheon in May as a thank you for your service!

Schools and Parents:  

If your school is interested in joining the Art to Grow On family or if you are a parent interested in becoming a docent or aide for a school currently participating in our program please contact us at chairperson@arttogrowon.com.

Visit us on one of our social media sites for more info and pictures:

Where we meet: 

The ATGO program is currently not holding docent training.

You can download a high resolution Art to Grow On logo or our free color wheel template below. If you need a vector version of the logo please contact a member of the board. 

Color wheel information:

Print on white cardstock and ask for a hard lamination. *Request that they do NOT trim the lamination. Cost is around $2.50/each at Staples.

Download Color Wheel 


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