@Home Projects

Learn about the history of image reproduction and practice some pen and ink techniques, then create your own stippled apple.

Learn about master of illusion artist M.C. Escher and positive and negative space. Then we'll show you how to make your own tessellations.

Learn about Spanish modern architect Antoni Gaudi and his amazing buildings and art while you explore texture and balance in art.

Learn about the work of Wilson Bentley the 'Snowflake Man' and how snowflakes are made and photographed. Then use geometric shapes to create symmetry in your own unique snowflake drawing.

Learn about the Op Art movement. We'll see how negative and positive space, color, foreground and background, and how an artist's uses visual tricks to confuse the viewer and create a 3D illusion.

Learn about Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky and his "Square with Concentric Circles" art. We'll explore how color creates interest in a piece of art and how colors can compliment each other.

Learn about Turtle Alley in Malaysia and how important it is to protect our oceans and turtles. You'll get to draw your own unique turtle!

Learn about artists Pedro Linares Lopez and Manuel Jimenes Ramirez and these colorful animal sculptures.