Projects 2019-2020

Rainbow Road

Students will create their own landscapes using oil pastel and black foam core in the style of artist Ted Harrison who’s unique style of art featured nature and the culture of the Pacific Northwest.

By Rosine Sorbom

Alebrijes: Art of Oaxaca, Mexico

The colorful sculpture work of Mexican artists Pedro Linares Lopez & Manuel Ramírez is featured in the lesson and students create their own fantastic Alebrije out of colored clay, wood sticks and acrylic paint.

By Mindy Kirton

Abstract Vistas

Featuring a western landscape, this lesson has the students paint a sheet of paper and then cut or rip the paper to create a landscape including a tree. They will learn about perspective and distance.

By Marlene Yamada

NASA and the Art of the Cosmos

This lesson highlights the NASA Art Program, established in 1962 to boost public interest in space exploration along with images from the Hubble telescope, as the artists create their own space-scape with oil pastel on black paper.

By Kathy Keller-Bauer

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