Projects 2024-2025

A Tribute to P-22

P-22 was a famous mountain lion in LA’s Griffith Park. This lesson shows students a way to transfer an image that does not require drawing and to dispel the myth that you aren’t an artist if you don’t have strong drawing. They learn about color and light and dark in an image. 

By Sandi Arthur

Merian's Summer Birds

Watercolor or crayon, pen and paper. This project teaches you about early 1600’s German scientist and artist Maria Sibylla Merian who spent her life investigating and sketching bugs and butterflies. The lesson teaches symmetry, the study of nature, and working with color.

By Ashish Sharma

Maritime Romanticism

Watercolor, marker and paper. Learn how to draw a tall ship step by step as you learn about Armenian artist Ivan Aivazofsky, the most well known maritime painter in history. Students learn about the romantic era in painting and view some of the great master’s work.

By Jake Tedesco