Projects 2021-2022

Roaring Rothko

Students learn about the work of artist Mark Rothko a 1940’s abstract expressionist. They will get to study color theory and technique with chalk pastels on paper.

By Robin Sarner

Colorful Cats

Students learn about artist Andy Warhol and his influence on the Pop Art movement. They will create an ‘ink blot’ cat painting similar to those in his cat series.

By Kathy Keller-Bauer

Shibori Banners

Artists will learn about the Japanese technique Shibori for dying fabrics by dipping folded paper towels in red, yellow and blue dyed water to create shapes and patterns. They will turn the final result into a hanging banner.

By Nan Young


Students learn about Australian prehistoric aboriginal art based on story-telling with symbols. Artists will pick a spirit animal to draw and paint along with creating a story about their animal.

By Sharma Ashish

Mackintosh: Art Nouveau

Following the work of artist Charles Mackintosh, students will learn about the Art Nouveau movement in architecture, design, font styles and aesthetic while they create their own tulip picture with a unique frame.

By Suzanne Gibson

Theme - Colorful Expressions