Projects 2022-2023

City Perspective

The Students will create a cityscape using forced one-point perspective creating skyscrapers and other buildings and then color it with crayon or watercolor in the colors of the colorwheel.

By Chris Mason

Night Walk

Our surroundings look very different at night. When you first walk out, it looks like there is nothing but darkness. However, with the help of a flashlight, a walk through the woods brings you surprises. Students will draw white pencil on black paper and then create a light path to color in as well.

By Lee-Jean Lin

Repoussé South Bay

While making these fun South Bay theme-based metal tiles, artists will learn about the techniques used in Hatian metal relief work as they tool and paint the copper-coated aluminum. Carried over from 2020.

By Stephanie Kohler

Theme - Unique PErspectives: Looking AT THE WORLD IN A DIFFERENT WAY